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Meeting GDPR compliance and understanding the new regulations.


We have been preparing for the arrival of GDPR since it was originally announced. In our anticipation, we went about creating a set of tests leveraging Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, third party solutions, and our very own E-Visor solution.

With these, we can begin to assess want needs you may have with regards to GDPR. 

  • Evaluate business and technical requirements
  • Provide Findings and Recommendations Report
  • Provide calculated score based on the security quality of your environment


  • Implement identity and Security controls based on findings
  • Ensure your infrastructure satisfies GDPR requirements
  • Validate new controls at your organization so that users can be familiar with them
  • Setup additional monitoring tools
  • Ensure monitoring is in active mode to detect misuse of data
  • Utilize E-Visor to help maintain compliance in your company


Let us help you prepare for and achieve your regulatory and compliance requirements around GDPR.  We will use the best of our offerings to meet your critical goals.


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