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Combining the best of both worlds: Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention:



Information Rights Management (IRM) helps to mitigate leaks of sensitive information by encrypting and controlling access to documents, emails, and voicemails. Regardless of how many copies are created​ or where they apprear (email, file shares, document management portals, mobile devices, etc.), IRM-secured ​​documents remain persistently protected and tracked. Only authorized users (from your organization and partners), can access IRM-protected documents, and authorized users may ​​have their access revoked at any time (even to locally made copies).


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies ​help your organization prevent leaks of sensitive information by discovering sensitive information at rest, and monitoring and blocking sensitive information in motion, using content-aware scanning technology. The discovery, monitoring, and blocking DLP components run either on the network or on endpoints, mitigating data leakage through that channel.


Synergy Consulting personnel have the industry knowledge and experience to meet your organization's needs for Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention​.  We will provide a stable, scalable implementation of these technologies and align them with your business information lifecycle management and compliance needs for sensitive data.


We can help you implement the appropriate technologies to optimize and automate the handling of sensitive information ​including policy enforcement, labeling, tagging, and logging of your critical assets.

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