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Sammamish, WA
August 26th 2016

Lookout, cybersecurity company and Synergy Advisors partner, announced yesterday their collaborative findings with Citizen Lab regarding a sophisticated mobile attack on iOS devices.
This attack, performed using three zero-day vulnerabilities, allows perpetrators to silently jailbreak iOS devices and gather data from a variety of popular applications.  
Lookout advises all iOS owners to update their devices to the latest version of iOS immediately.
This enterprise-class spyware experience is a proof of how underestimated the constant malware over mobile devices information still is.

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Sammamish, WA, US

August 9th, 2016

Synergy Advisors LLC has announced their new partnership with Lookout.

Lookout is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to be both mobile and secure. With 100 million mobile sensors fueling a dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world, the Lookout Security Cloud can identify connections that would otherwise go unseen, predicting and stopping mobile attacks before they do harm.

Synergy Advisors has partnered with Lookout to offer enhanced security to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security customers. As part of a Lookout/Microsoft partnership announced in June 2016, when mobile threats are detected, an integration between Lookout and Microsoft will enable companies to take action to protect data across users, devices, and applications.

"Synergy Advisors is very excited to extend our services portfolio with Lookout offerings. Through the EM+S and Lookout solutions, Synergy Advisors will offer the most robust information security option in the market. Lookout is a prime example of the excellent talent we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to mutual customers.  We are confident this partnership will be beneficial to our customers" said Cristian Mora CEO/Founder of Synergy Advisors.

"Mobile is the way business is done today, and it goes well beyond people constantly check their email. With over 4 million apps available for mobile users, employees have as much choice in the apps they use for work as they do in every other aspect of their mobile lives. 'There's an app for that' now applies as much to business as it does to anything else," said Aaron Cockerill, chief strategy officer at Lookout. "That's why we partnered with Microsoft, and now Synergy Advisors, to empower businesses to embrace the productivity benefits of mobile devices, while tackling the security risks."

Synergy advisors is committed to develop and deliver exceptional Microsoft-based solutions and to provide the enterprise the ability to go ahead of their mobile risks and here is when Lookout products take an important role.

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